A walk through Champagne

Discover Champagne with Wine Rose !

42 exceptional crus accompanied by 7 videos

An exclusive proposition for “bubble” lovers or first timers
which includes 7 multimedia gift cases published over
 a period of 9 months.

Content in brief


7 episodes in 7 gift boxes 

1st coffret – Introduction to the Champagne region for the price of 580.- CHF

2nd coffret – La “Champagne en Rose” for the price of 700.- CHF

3rd coffret – La Côte des Blancs for the price of 650.- CHF

4th coffret – La Vallée de la Marne for the price of 680.- CHF

5th coffret – La Montagne de Reims for the price of 650.- CHF

6th coffret – La Grande Vallée for the price of 750.- CHF

7th coffret – La Côte des Bar for the price of 650.- CHF


You may subscribe to all 7 episodes at the price of 4660.- CHF
and take advantage of the special offers described below


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Ideas and propositions

Learning while tasting, share the purchase of a gift box to discover the region with a group of friends,
offer such a privileged moment as a special gift for the upcoming celebrations.


The episodes in detail

In this first episode, I propose you an introduction to the region and its unique character.
You’ll have the chance to try 6 exceptional crus coming from 6 major sub-regions.
Each cru or topic on which we’ll focus through the presentation will give you the keys to understand a label,
whether it is a house Champagne or a prestige single vineyard cuvée,
 and will take you to an in depth
understanding of socio-economic structure of the appellation.


This episode dressed in “pink” is dedicated to rosé champagnes and the production methods, saignée and assemblage.
An important subject will be addressed, the global warming, with a focus on Pinot Noir & Meunier
in their still version,
called Coteaux Champenois, along with their bright future within the regional selling proposition.


The third episode is devoted to Chardonnay and its favorite terroir: the Côte des Blancs.
We’ll explore the morphology of the territory, its climate and especially its particular geology due to the strong presence of chalk.
Each one of the most emblematic villages will be presented in depth and compared to regional blends.


The fourth episode is devoted to the Pinot Meunier and its favorite terroir: the Marne Valley.
I contextualize the role of Pinot Meunier in Champagne and more particularly in this specific region.
We’ll be addressing the contribution of this grape in the blends and its huge potential as a single variety
in the hands of skilled boutique growers.


The fifth episode is dedicated to the Montagne de Reims in all its complexity, with a close look to Pinot Noir as the dominant grape variety.
We’ll also compare and contrast ancestral and traditional method, evaluating the reasons why the pet-nat represent such a trendy “return to origins”.


The sixth episode is devoted to the terroirs of the Grande Vallée and the South of Epérnay,
in the so called « region between river and mountain ».
We’ll introduce here the origins of plot vinification and the reasons for its success in Champagne vs other vineyards around the world.
Secondly, we’ll explore the theme of lees aging / disgorging and their impact on the finished product.


The last episode is dedicated to the emerging regions of the south of the Champagne appellation, the Côte des Bar.
I’ll present the rebirth of this sector, underestimated for almost a century, and the reasons for such new opportunities.

First, we’ll revisit the history of the revolts in Champagne at the start of the 20th century,
the creation of the appellation of origin and how it influenced the local market.
Secondly, we’ll tackle the role of reserve wine and its importance in the stylistic continuity of a Champagne house.


Within each episode:



The tasting of 6 cuvées and relevant technical sheet


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The Multimedia Series at your place 

Each series is composed of n. episodes, depending on the complexity of the subject.

By acquiring an episode you’ll receive a code to access a multimedia presentation along with a selection of 6 wines.

The presentation aims at laying the basements for you to contextualise and appreciate in full the products we present.
There is no imposed rhythm to enjoy the wines or consult the virtual content.

Depending on the episode / series, the audio segments may last 2 to 5 minutes for a total active time of 30 to 50 minutes. 


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