The Tasting – Stream of consciousness

As main accupation or simply as a pleasant reward, tasting is much like an “addiction”, I personally feel the need to explore, to expand the frontiers, to compare, to refresh knowledge, and “among other things” to allow myself to get surprised, to travel through unknown lands, when I can not do it “physically” … like reading … it’s a “still journey”, a syndrome and / or the present time strong point.


Someone tried to demonstrate that there are similar patterns between the travel, more and faster, we barely notice having moved a few thousands of kilometers, and the same pattern of a brain epileptic attack …
For this reason, among many others, the purpose of tasting is to create a context, to give volume to the space, to dive into a dimension that highlights the specificity and not the common points, no need to be reassured!


I was able to attend quite a lot of tastings and masterclasses in the past years, but nothing has given me as much pleasure and first-hand information as meeting the winemaker, the author of the work in his own home land…
Being able to deliver a close experience through a tasting is a big task, and I could never try do this without personally and permanently rejuvenating  directly into the vineyard, getting into the habits and the constraints of the everyday local life of the region.

Maybe I have the soul of vigneron, maybe one I shall become… for the time being it is a deeply embedded passion, a canvas with thousands of colours and levels of understanding, you never give up re-explore, re-interprete.
If I may, one simple invitation is to celebrate wine as a cultural achievement, celebrate the simplicity in the complexity and make the best use out of your time, for, as it’s often said, is the only thing we can not regain the following day.