One often wonders what differentiates a professional trip from an amateur outing, what a sommelier is looking for in his understanding of the vineyard and a wine-growing region.

I personally try to fully get into in the socio-cultural context of the region through the history, the experiences, but above all the eyes of the people I meet along the way.

I think that discovering this fascinating world by accompanying someone who has chosen to devote his life to wine could be for all connoisseurs and enlightened amateurs an experience worth living …

For this year 2017 I propose these “tandem-trips” in:

Ticino – Switzerland (march)
Wachau – Austria (april)
Madrid – Spain (june)
Nantes & Rhône Valley – France (june – july)

This kind of adventurous trips are obviously for one person only to guarantee a professional contact with the producers.
The approach is not the one of a lecture as it may occur at times within small groups, it is pure sharing of intense days where the goal is to immerse in the “non replicable” experience we are living.
Understand the land, climatic effects and let them drive you even deeper into this world through the exchange with its protagonists.




An appointment will be set in order to meet at least one month before agreeing the dates of the journey.

The number of days and costs will be defined according to the destination.

The photographic material may not be divulged or used without reciprocal authorization.